HOPE Advent Week 1

HOPE⚓️ advent week 1

We have this hope as an anchor for our soul, firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19

This is the first week of advent where we focus on hope. There is no hope outside of God. Jesus walked this earth to be our Hope. Hope changes everything.

Many asked me how I smiled and kept going & doing while I was walking, or crawling, through Stage IV Breast cancer. The answer, hope. I didn’t listen to the stats instead focusing on hope & healing.

I was scheduled for surgery the next day instead found myself meeting my oncologist and learning I’d be starting chemo first because cancer spread to my liver and ribs. What I thought was a quick surgery & done had just become complicated & bleak. My thoughts was spiraling down as my doc left the exam room. A few minutes later he poked his head back in the doorway and said he almost forgot to give me a message from my other doctor, the surgeon. “Dr Wit wanted you to know, We GOT this, kid!” My mind stopped swirling & a flood of relief came. It was the first of many assurance & I knew God was with me.

Just as I had wrapped up hearing some of the stats on metastastic cancer, I was given an ounce of hope and everything change.

I’ve learned whole lot of grit & grace and a speck of hope will get you to some amazing places.

⚓️ 2022

An Advent Practice to learn of the Hope I have—Read 1 Chapter of the book of Luke every day this month

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