today and 10 questions

Today is a choice. Yes, today seems to happen and we do not control it happening but we do control what we do with it. Do we engage with today or do we roll over and hide or find an escape to numb out today? Do we engage with meaningful work, whether that be out in the world or with in the home? Do we treasure the time and make it count?

My girlfriend sent me a video of a physicist explaining his science things of how we are assembled. I did not agree with his “how” but I agree with his thought that we are “temporary structures that can think, feel and explore….we have a little window we can observe this magnificent universe.” The older I get, the more I feel how short our time is here. I see and feel my limitations instead of the invincibility of my youth. Ten+ years ago, I did battle stage 4 breast cancer which was the accelerated class on learning to number and enjoy your days. By God’s grace and miracles, I am here today to contemplate the same lesson.

One would think I would be a pro at this by now and engaging in every moment, instead I am regrouping and prioritizing. As I enjoy the sunshine and white snow out my window and ponder; What needs to be cut? What needs to move up? What am I missing? What stresses am I holding on to instead of releasing to God? Where do I need to slow down? Where am I being lazy? Where do I need help? Where do I need to extend a hand? Where do I need to give more grace? Where do I need to love more?

We have a short time here friends. Don’t miss out. Get a pen and paper or just with your thoughts in a quiet space and let’s get better at being intentional.

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