Month: February 2018

Family is all we have

Family is all we have I was encouraging someone on their quest to rebuild relationships and I typed “at the end of the day, family is all we have.” and as I looked at the words on my screen, I could not hit send.… Continue Reading “Family is all we have”


My church gave out necklaces with words on it, words that were meaningful to your story. Words to hold on to and words to share. I got grace, which is a story for a different day, but what I wanted was Brave. Brave was… Continue Reading “brave”

5 & 15

2-3-16 Today is a day of celebration. 15 Fifteen years ago today, Nate C. Heick was born and our lives were forever changed. Nate means “gift from God” and he truly is a gift. We strive to be better parents, better people every day… Continue Reading “5 & 15”

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