5 & 15



Today is a day of celebration.

Fifteen years ago today, Nate C. Heick was born and our lives were forever changed.

Nate means “gift from God” and he truly is a gift. We strive to be better parents, better people every day for him.

C. was meant to be a permanent reminder of his roots and honor my grandparents. Nate has a twinkle in his eye like my grandfather and a little naughtiness that reminds me of childhood stories he used to tell. He is witty and feisty like my grandma. My prayer is that Nate would learn to love and care for people and live a life worthy of his calling like my grandparents did.

Heick.  Nate will always be a Heick. These roots are God honoring, loyal and hard working. This name comes with a large network of supporters and friends we are blessed to call family. They open their doors and hearts and welcome others in. My husband and I both come from these types of families. On occasion, we all get together and an outsider watching the interaction would have a hard time picking who the actually siblings were. We are all friends. We are all family.

On his 10th birthday, my doctor called to tell me that there was NO cancer left in my body, my scans had all come back clear. Today marks 5 years C-Free! Today is a beautiful reminder that Nate is a gift from God and my life is a gift from God. My life is a miracle. I was given a second chance at this one wild adventure. It is beauty from dust.

The thing is, your life is a miracle too. You are here for a purpose. You are loved. What are you going to do with this wild adventure?

I’m still not 100% sure my purpose in this adventure so I have committed to loving God’s people, every day in whatever form it comes. Sometimes it is fun and easy and other days it is a true challenge. I am thankful for my warriors around me that rally and encourage me. I am grateful for my biggest fan, best friend and supporter, my husband. (I wouldn’t want to do this adventure with out you, Sweets.)

This portion of this song has been in my head for days….Beautiful Things by Gungor.

You make me new, You are making me new…
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us.


So, be made new friends, beauty from dust, join me on this wild adventure and celebrate with me. God is good.





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