Spring is coming

I’m standing on the ball of my foot and the other is resting on my toes. I’m looking left to right, near and far assessing everything. I’m about to move. I’m ready. I keep scanning trying to determine where I am supposed to go, but I am still unsure. So, I hold this position and I wait.

This is my life right now. I know something is coming and I am doing all I know to do to prepare for this unknown next step. I prepare and hold, prepare and hold. My dog is a pro at this. She hears something, smells change and freezes in a pose that is ready to spring to action. This is me, frozen but I am tired and somedays discouraged.

What is next? Honestly, I don’t know and not knowing is okay! Even typing that is hard some days, not knowing IS okay. Truly not knowing drives me crazy at times but then I remember that the plan is good because God is in control. God knows my name, my heart and even the hairs on my head. His plan is better than I can imagine so today as I stand ready to sprint. I will wait and be patient in the waiting. It will all be worth it.

How can you be sure?, you wonder. I am sure because God has not failed me yet. I’ve had hard life lessons and came near to death and yet I am grateful for each experience. Each season of life has made me who I am today. Each season made me stronger, taught my heart to love and to find beauty everywhere. I definitely do not wish to relive the disappointments, hurts and brokenness of life but I would not erase them either. Hard seasons develop our resilience, our grit. When we have grit, we get back up, dust off and go again. When we get to the other side and begin to see where we are to go, we know it was all worth it. There is beauty in the ashes. After winter, spring always comes. When I am in the hard or waiting season I need constant reminders of the beauty in that season as well as reminders that spring is coming.

Today, I read a blog about Sisterhood and that we need each other. I almost stood on my chair and yelled AMEN. I needed this reminder. Today, I got a phone call from a sister to encourage me to write, keep writing. I needed this reminder. Today, a sister reached out to grow me in my faith. I need this reminder today. Today, I read a FB post of friend coming out of a long winter and discovering her spring again. I needed this reminder. Today, my sis texted me to say “keep at it, those ideas are good.” I needed this reminder. So, TODAY, may I remind you that spring is on its way. Be patient in the waiting, stay ready- your time is coming. Keep seeking God and your path will be clear.
You’ve got this because the plan is good. Now reach out and be the reminder that someone else needs today. It’s time to rally sisters, tell everyone spring is coming.

May you know this grace and grit love. Ari H.

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