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God has been at work in my life from day 1. I grew up in a Christian home, not a perfect home, but a Christian home. I watched my mother rely on God's promises and faithfully pursue her faith throughs difficult times. In addition I learned of God's love and promises through my grandparents. My grandparents were the greatest influencers in my faith. They modeled unconditional love, Christian ministry through missions in Africa and locally, teaching and preaching the Word to the world. They lived out their faith every day and invested time, love and encouragement to guide me. My family taught me how to lean on God in the good and difficult times. We expressed gratitude to God in blessings and sought His comfort in the rough waters of life. Today I share my messy faith journey as I grow and learn. I'm constantly learning how to better love. Love requires both grace and grit. So, I lean in and learn. Join me on this journey.

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