In my 20’s I took ski lessons for a boy. He had a skiing family and after day 1 of everyone zooming by me, it was clear I would need lessons to keep up. I had skied before but there was something I was missing. I ended up loving lessons and went back again after my required 1 lesson. I liked it so much a younger brother suggested they needed to spy on the instructor 😉, but really I love learning. I loved going back and accepting the next challenge and learning I was strong enough for that skill. I could repeat it. My lessons went on for several years and yes, I did marry him, no not the instructor- my best friend/boyfriend. The lessons grew me, not just my ski level. I grew in confidence.

One lesson early on an instructor told me that I would know that I “made it” or was ready to tackle anything when I could see an upcoming lip and keep going. I’ll explain for the non-skiers. On the mountain there are many lips, dips and curves and many times at a lip you will see people stopped. They stop at the top of the lip to look down and assess the terrain. They are determining their line down the hill. They want to know what to expect and plan a route. The more confident skier you are, the less lips you need to stop at. Instead you go up and over and drop into the powder and tackle what comes. The runs are rated by difficulty so have an idea of what could be so it is a matter of your skill level and whether you trust your equipment. Have you been practicing? Have you kept your gear tuned up? If so, you just keep going.

I remember the day I first cruised by all the looky-loos up and over with out a pause. I was confident. I had done the work and my skis were good. I blindly went up and over with the confidence that I could tackle it.

Well friends, this is faith.

Have you done the heart & soul work to trust God and know that his plan for you is good? We do this by reading the Bible and learning the life of Jesus. Also by trusting God with decisions and seeing how He shows up and works in our lives.

Have you tuned and tested your equipment? We pray and see answers to prayer. We pray for others and see how it changes them. We show up to church, small group, Bible study and be the light for others. We keep doing the things that grow our faith. Use your tools so they stay sharp and not rust away—read, pray, praise, serve & gather.

Faith is keeping your mind and skills healthy & growing while keeping your tools in tune and ready. It is remembering that God has been faithful to you in the past and trusting He will be again.

You can not see what is over that lip but know you are not alone and God’s plan is good. Will you prep for it?

It is definitely worth it.

Advent Week 2, FAITH

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