Washing Feet

I am an all year flip flop girl which is unfortunate as I live in the midwest. In the winter, I wear them indoors and an occasional 1 minute trip down to my sisters house if it is not hideous outside. In the summer time, I wear them all day every day. This does come at a price, my feet can be tough like leather on the bottom and at the end of each day I feel the layer of world that has attached to my feet. During the day, I enjoy the grass, sand and earth between my toes but as soon as I think about bed I feel every spec of dirt. I MUST wash my feet.

Jesus knew what the coming days would bring. He felt the weight of it and understood the significance. All twelve of the disciples were invited to join him around the table. They were not aware how meaningful this time would be. As they arrived, Jesus grabbed a towel and washed the feet of each of his trusted, beloved friends. Their feet must have been leathery and the dirt from the roads and the world would have crept into the cracks of their heals and wrinkles in their skin. This was no quick rinse instead Jesus got on his knees and scrub off the dirt and filth. He humbly served his beloved.

This story is not a new one to me. I have heard it, read it, pictured it many many times but this time I was struck by something new. Jesus loved each of disciples. He kept his 12 friends close and shared everything with them so serving them seemed a natural. What I had not considered was that as he washed their feet and served each on in this close personal way, he knew how they would treat him. He knew what the days to come would hold. Jesus knew the ultimate betrayal Judas would do as he lovingly served him. Jesus knew that Peter would deny him 3 times as he lovingly served him. Jesus knew that he would beg them to be by his side in the garden and they would fall asleep leaving him alone. Jesus poured his life into each of these friends and each would disappoint him in the end but he washed their feet, he loved them anyway.

My feet are filthy because I walk through the world. I love and want to honor Jesus with my life but I get dirty. I get this world in the cracks and in the creases. I deny Christ through my actions. He pleads for me to be with him and yet I choose the world. I break his heart and yet my Father loves me enough to invite me in, to lovingly serve me, to wash my feet and make me clean. He knows my sins, my flaws and yet my Father invites me to break bread. He invites me to His table, over and over. I am loved in this amazing way so I must do the same.


Keep on keeping on friends. xo, ari






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