Look up and ahead, not down

It is the end of the year and once again my schedule is overloaded.  I’ve been cherishing the bits and pieces of down time with my people but definitely found myself looking down instead of ahead.  It’s time to look ahead, plan my route. I came across this reminder I wrote  and thought if I needed the words, maybe you do too…


When you first learn to ski you have the tendency to look down at your skis thinking it’s helping you control your skis and out come but actually you need to be looking ahead of your skis. You need to trust the equipment and the skills you’ve learned to know how to maneuver and look ahead to see what’s on the rise and determine where your next best move is.

There are days, weeks or even seasons where we get stuck looking down at our own circumstances or even checking out other’s circumstances instead of looking ahead and trusting what we’ve got is good enough. When we are caught up looking down, we can miss what is coming up and wipe out terribly. Don’t do that.

So, if you find yourself staring at your skis these days, take a pause, a deep breath, look up to the skies and thank God for all his beauty, then trust your equipment, look ahead and GO!

xo, ari

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