Dear Church,

Dear Church, I’m waiting. I’m listening.

I will and listen for your comforting voice. The voice that sounds like mom when I am sick or the voice that should like dad’s pep talk ..

but I hear nothing.

I wait and listen for repentance and an apology to all those you hurt. One that is fully humble and sincere, one full of truth and heartache but hope that Jesus can heal it all…

but I hear nothing.

I wait and listen for words that rebuild trust instead I hear labels and names like “decisive and destructive” and the “wheat verses the weeds”. When will I hear the words that unite, heal and restore my trust? When will I hear truth to the many unanswered questions?

My heart aches for the healing of the church.

I wait. I listen. I hear nothing but pieces.

As I wait, confused why you don’t speak these needed words, I hear whispers to my heart through a song, Pieces by Amanda Cook. She sings of God’s love for us, the love modeled by our Savior, Jesus Christ. The singing of promises soothe the ache…

You don’t give your heart in pieces. Unreserved, unrestrained, your love is wild for me. It isn’t shy, Your love is proud to be seen with me. Not passive, never disengages, not broken, keeps it promises, not selfish and always pure….You don’t give your heart in pieces.

Dear Church, As I soak in the reminders of God’s love, I realize that all these things I’m waiting to hear boil down to love. I want the church to fully love, not just pieces of love. The Church must lead with love.

So Church, Where is your love?

My heart races as I ask such a scandalous question but




Where is your love? Please ask for a do-over and lead with love.

Oh Church,

I will wait and listen for you to lead with love. I will wait for the humility, honesty, integrity, repentance, full disclosure to your people, apologies to the masses; to the woman, to all those dismissed like the least of these out of the church, to the congregation for the secrets, misleading and broken systems.

I pray you get it right.

I will wait and pray but it can no longer be a passive wait, it must be an active wait. As you taught me the importance of community, of the Acts 2 church, I will gather my people, my community and seek a place that leads with love, not pieces of love, but fully leads with love as Christ did, a place that welcomes, everyone always.

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