In the Saturday

Saturday, the day of waiting.

The cross, blood shed, agony of pain and tears mark Good Friday. Christ died on the cross and was put in a tomb. His death paid the price for my sin and yours.

Saturday morning was filled with sorrow and an emptiness. How could life return to normal? What would the new normal look like? What’s next? Saturday left many unanswered questions. Saturday was the hopeless waiting.

Today, Saturday, we know Sunday is coming. We are preparing for our celebrations of the resurrection. We already have the hope of Sunday since we know what happens next. Instead of sorrow, outfits and chocolates are being picked out, menus are being planned and phones calls to loved ones are being made.

Today we live in the Saturday, the waiting. We already have hope and the promise of Christs’ return but we wait. Unlike that first Saturday of waiting, we wait knowing the ending so we wait in expectant anticipation.

Today is a good day to look at our waiting. Are we spending our time planning details that will soon be forgotten or are we preparing our hearts? Are we doing what is required of us? Do we walk humbly and love mercy and justice? Are we loving our neighbor? Are we caring for the widows and the orphans? Do we forgive and extend endless grace? Or, are we stuck in the dress and chocolate buying of Saturday?

The guest of honor arrives on Sunday. Are you ready?

Grace upon Grace,

Ari H.

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